• Dolcia Charcoal Kit - 400 gm

Dolcia Charcoal Kit - 400 gm

  • Brand: Dolcia
  • Product Code: CADFK104
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  • ₹ 2,400


ALOEVERA : It has skin tightening & healing properties.

SUNFLOWER : It is a known natural source of Vitamin-E. It also forms a natural protective layer on skin to protect it from pollution..

CARROT : It is a source of natural carotene which helps to control burning sensations & allergic response of skin due to pollution.

PLUM : The vitamin E and beta carotene, an antioxidant in plums, protect fatty acids and cell membranes from attack of free radicals which allows the body to fight the signs of ageing skin..

CHARCOAL : Reduces the damaging effect of hydrogen chloride, formaldehyde, chloroform, anoxia, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, car exhaust fumes and nitrogen dioxide.

SAP Benefits : SAP is the special step in our kit we have to add few drops of SAP in Massage Gel, Massage Cream & Face pack. SAP is a solution of concentrated smart active particles. This activates the process, to calculate the requirement of actives for each skin & use these actives effectively where required.

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